Powerbank doesnt charge

hello, i’ve got a Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD, it charges with USB-c. well it did
when i bought it, it charged fine with a turbocharger usb-c cable from motorola, but now it doesnt charge with that cable anymore (it does with other usb-c cables, with the same powerbrick).
is it broken? is it an common problem? does this happen often?

can someone help me out?

Have you tested the cable on another device?

yes, i charge my phone daily with it

Then I am afraid I’m not sure what is wrong, maybe someone else can help you.

Do a reset : Connect the input and output with a cable you know it is working.

Why not just use a different cable? Some cables break down and the resistance li.its the amount of power going through it.

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It sound like other USB-C cables work, just not the Motorola one? Is that correct?

yes, this is correct

im trying to figure out if the powerbank is broken of some sort

If this Motorola cable is not working properly, take another one
Problem solved!

If it’s just the cable then it’s not the powerbank being broken. As I mentioned before cables break down and dont always work to charge certain devices. Your phone has a broader tolerance for the type of input it can have, where as the powerbank wont and any variance can trigger its fault mechanism to protect the powerbank


USB C cables are pinned so it doesn’t matter which way you plug the connector in. Take one end of the cable Unplug it, flip the connector over, then plug it back in. See if that makes a difference. If not, try the other end. You could have a bad pin in the cable, and it only works when you plug it in a certain way.