Powerbank connects and disconnects constantly while charging cellphone


got an isue with my Anker powerbank mod. 79AN7925 with two IQ charging ports. Charging my cellphone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S) works, but the powerbank connects and disconnects every few seconds from the phone over and over again. This is very annoying since the cellphone every time makes a sound and display turns on. Had the same problem with my former cellphone Sony Experia 3+. Charging as well seems to be less efficient. However charging my Samsung tablet using the same setup works perfectly fine. Have already swapped cables and prots - makes no difference.

Has anyone an idea how to solve that issue?

Bye, D.

You could try to reset the pb by connecting the input and output via cable.

Thanks for the advice, it did not work though…the issue still there. Does the PB have a firmware and an update might help?

Bye, D.

No there is no firmware update possible.
I would contact the support.