PowerBank Bike Mount

While I had nothing to do because the forum was down I looked on the website and saw the spot which I saw several times before.
You know the video clip with the biker. My question is now was the mount just a prototype or is there an option to get one?


I think it might be the same mount used for the phone.

I was thinking the same thing!

Yes, but what mount is it. Do you have an idea?

Yeah it looks like the phone mount, but I would like to know if it is a specific one for the powerbank too…that is interesting.


It’s just a normal phone mount, but I’m glad to know you are interested in it!:smile:

Is the phone bike mount a specific Anker product or just a universal phone mount for bikes. I was interested in purchasing one for my bike

@Arnulfo_Solis it’s just a universal phone mount for a bike. Nothing special

Thank you Elmo

Powerbanks tend to be heavy and need a better mount for that reason.
If using a phone mount I would use an elastic band to make it secure.