Powerbank 26800+ PD USB-C doesn't work

So I have a Powerbank+ 26800 PD and the USB-C PD is not working, I already tried to use different chargers and different cables, it doesn’t charge and doesn’t charge any of my phones (blackberry keyone black edition and razer phone 2)
is charging my phones when i plug it with USB-A to USB-C

In order for the powerbank to output a charge via the USB-C port, you need to press the button first and then plug into the USB-C port and then it will output a charge via the USB-C port.

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At that time didn’t input or output any charge at all, at the next day the port started to work again.

To whoever has a razer phone, don’t use the usb-c pd port, it does weird things and every seconds changes from not charging to slow charge to regular charge to fast charge, that doesn’t happen with usb-a