Power wave - starts to charge, then stops

I’ve had the power wave charger for about 5 months, and use it almost daily, once per day.

Last time I tried to charge, it started, proving the approx time frame to fill charge. Then disconnected, and immediately started again… This continued in a loop.

Any ideas?


Try this in sequence.

Turn off your phone fully. Leave it for a few minutes. Qi is a transmitter and receiver and it could be either, so process of elimination. Turn on your phone, then try.

Try a different cable from charger to your pad. This is the next most common failure after the phone.

Try a different charger to your pad. This is least likely but the last one to eliminate.

If none of then work, then email support@anker.com quoting order details and serial number and evidence as above you tried to remedy yourself.

Thanks for the tips. Swapping out the wall charger did the trick.
However, interesting fact - I tried another phone, and it worked fine with the original charger

Good to know, glad something worked.

If swapping charger worked may be the pad needed it’s power removed and added. Swap charger again and see if the problem returns.

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