Power Wave Stand ( Charging IPhone 11)

Quick concise review on the general aspects of use with the Anker Power Wave Wireless Charging Stand.

Right from the box the wave stand looks clean not much to it. It has a nice soft pad on the bottom which aid it from sliding around when you go to sit your phone down on the charger. ( Seems silly, but some wireless chargers do not have this)


  • Simplistic looks
  • Matte black
  • Well balanced with quickly putting the IPhone 11 on it to charge
  • Does not slide around when docking phone
  • Great for on a desk to where you can read notifications etc with out having to reach for your phone
  • You no longer have to chase around your charging cord that runs up the back of your desk**
  • Well priced at 18.99
  • Compatible with these and more: iPhone XR/Xs Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus, Fast-Charging Galaxy S10/S9/S9+/S8/S8+


  • Charging cord could be longer by about 1 ft ( I could not place it on my desk where I wanted to
  • Blue light on the front I found to be unnecessary ( glad I am not using it in a bedroom)(Next Gen of this should not have any light )
  • Not a huge issue but seemed odd the charging port for the micro usb was on one side vs the middle of the back of the unit.
  • Charges no faster then your average IPhone Charger, but I did not get it for the purpose of fast charging. According to Anker it will charge a Galaxy Fast, but I do not have one.

You can see the blue light here, but it is day time and my office lights are on so it does not appear very bright.

You can see here how the cord runs other the left side of the unit on the back.

Review wrap up: If you are looking for a basic no frills cheap option to get your self into wireless charging then this is a great options! Anker has always been known for constant quality so I wont expect any less from this charger. ( I have been using it now daily for about a week. )



Good review and definitely a good priced wireless charger

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Hey @hgrogan01
Great review, it’s reminded me to complete my review.
I love mine too and often wondered why the micro input is to one side!
I use mine on the bedside cabinet and the blue light is a touch too bright, it would be better if it turned off once the device has charged.

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Thanks for your detailed review @hgrogan01 !! It’s always a great pleasure to get both Pros and Cons!!

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Thanks for your review @hgrogan01 nice work listing Pros and cons, :ok_hand:

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