Power wave Pad- A lot easier than surfing a wave

So I was selected to test the PowerWave Pad from the testing club. I have to say that overall, I enjoyed the device. As I tested it I did find things that I like and did not like.

As a note on delivery, the time stated it would arrive on a Sunday but it arrived a few days later. It was Ankers fault but is is UPS as they held the package there a few extra days before delivering.

The pad is about a 3 inches in diameter and is covered in a rubbery type of material. In the box you get the pad and micro usb. No adapter but with its current price, it would not cost that much to get one if you need one.

For the pad , I wished there was a second light marker at say 90 degrees from the other one. Depending on how I lay the device the charging button may not be seen. Also, the rubbery pad make it look sleek and big enough to use with your devices. I have seen with the disk that I had it sitting in the kitchen and my son made a mess near it and saw that it did collect some crumbs and other such items. This was easily resolved with a damp cloth. My other fault is it is a hard push to get the micro USB to plug into it but that is also a benefit as well :wink:

I tried my test with two Android phones and the Liberty 2 Pros. Both phones did have a case on them. Overall the charging times were pretty good without the case but as stated that with the cases on, the charging time was somewhat is slower. My son’s phone had the thickest case and it only went up about 11 points in an hour. It did charge a whole lot faster when the case was removed.

I charged up the Liberty 2 Pros with the charger. The Liberty 2 pros seemed to charge in their appropriate time frame.

One of the bullet points for the product was temperature control. I have to say that it worked pretty well. With the Liberty 2 Pros, the pad stayed cool as well as the Galaxy 8 that my wife had. My son’s had the Galaxy 6 or 7 and his did seem to draw a little heat to make the pad feel luke warm. Again I was trying to check how it did with some case on it and his was the thickest. My wife’s case was slimmer and not as thick.

Overall it was a good product to have and I really enjoyed getting a 4 ft cord as it helped to not limit me to where I would be able to place it at. Without the case, the wireless charger seemed appropriate in its charging ability.

Thanks for the opportunity to test this product.


Glad you enjoyed testing the Pad @Duane_Lester
I have one, and although it’s not my main charger it always performs well.
All the best.

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Nice review, thanks for sharing @Duane_Lester

Fun to see the easy to understand, comic guide from Anker :+1:

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That must a THICC case!


Thanks for your review @Duane_Lester!! :+1::tada::tada:


I should have said 11 percent in an hour… Not sure why I said points. lol It is. His has a thick rubber on it… I dont think I put this down that when he took off the rubber part, it did pick up on charging…

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I love it as well. I wish some of the other had as fun graphics as this one LOL

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Great review you wrote and good made photos as usual. :grinning:

Funny is the manual on the back.
Those comic picts are always good.

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I think I could have did better. I did forget it was charging at times due to I was doing it from my work station at the house and getting distracted by wife, kids school, lunch and etc. So several missed

I hate to say it, I could concentrate better at my office. LOLOL


We are in a crisis!
So everything can be done better! :rofl:


Nice review