Power users winnings

Has anyone won anything through the power users program?

In 2018 nothing yet


I.have actually (I remembered this! lol) a pack of waterproof phone bags.

Also today, I applied for the power iq usb car charger. If I’m successful, I’ll give to my step daughter n her wife, who is due to pop (give birth) very soon. They can have this in the car to not only recharge handsets, but also power any car items for baby.

I know already, it’s one of (top 5 at least) the top at doing its job. Even tho they haven’t all singing phones, it’ll mean a small journey will give their fines a big charge. But it’s also powerful enough to power anything they might use for baby.

Not really a case of winning something, but it is pot luck in timing it well to claim any offers. I too like @amangons applied for the car charger. Looking forward to testing it out properly myself.

That’s it exactly, like other day n me missing the speaker.

If you’re not in the community every day n several times a day, you may not ever see any PU items. NEVER!

Once claimed, they disappear if the page after a few hrs.

So, keep logging in reguarly every day, and eventually you’ll strike gold…

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Last year… i won