Power User Samples

I have not seen any samples listed in a long time and I check daily. Is Anker discontinuing the program?

In one of the Periscope videos, Lawrence pointed people to https://www.anker.com/influencers

Anyone else getting “cannot verify server identity” error for www.anker.com? !

Yes my Win 10 laptop said something like ‘Security Certificate expired for this website’ - I just ignored anyway and Windows then said ‘There may be security risks with visiting this site’ or words to that effect! This is from UK…

Think the dev’s are doing some site work and/or updating the security certificates. Seems to have stabilized now.

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Kinda thought they might move more towards the social media aspect (YouTube, Twitter etc etc).

Good for some, a shame for others (myself included) who tend to write reviews from where they primarily buy products i.e. Amazon / eBuyer etc.

same here…which is a shame as I was really enjoying testing samples (and it actually made me and friends+family buy more Anker prods)

Problem existed for hours. Fixed now.

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It says sorry empty with an arrow circle.

Varies by country. France has a claimed 26800

It’s sad it’s only social media now, I’m very active on amazon reviews and other websites.