Power User Sample page error

I just went to fill out the sample form to receive a case and the info was already filled out with someone else’s personal information, even though I am logged in under my own profile.

Please could someone look into this? @AnkerOfficial



That’s very weird

Says this now

Yeah doing the same for me now. They must have spotted it. :thumbsup:

Yep, the PU page, and even anker.com is down for some maintenance. I think it’s not really a maintenance, but a crash haha.

It’s been giving a maintenance warning on/off since around 10am this morning (UK time)…possibly background updates for bugs etc


i was able to replicate error about 15 minutes ago and saw a persons info from italy. I am in US. I grabbed screenshots

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Bill, that’s the same persons details that I was getting as I remember the location.

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:astonished: hope they weren’t hacked and that’s just the default loading info for the Web page setup. Seeing as everyone has experienced the site maintenance hopefully it’s just that

Probably just a bug in the page, similar to what happened to Apple in early Sept this year. Everyone thought the dev site had been hacked but due to bug in the code the same details were listed for all;

It’s a very strange case what you say, what happened? :interrobang:

In this case that’s not a good thing for the person who had lost publicly all his personal data.

In Europe there is a law about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and enforce company to report all data breach and users information leakage. That’s the case.

For more info: https://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/reform/files/regulation_oj_en.pdf

I guess this is still happening…I just refreshed my PU page and had somebody from the UK show up. @AnkerOfficial please double check as I don’t want my or another person’s info out there. thanks

I don’t know about you guys, but the PU program is pretty calm for me for a few weeks

Same here, had the iPhone X screen protector for 2wks+, just finally marked as claimed this morning…guess the allocated stock has finally be used up :smile:


Haha exactly. Not a lot of people have the iPhone X…

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The same lol. Still wish I had the phone though :unamused:

Anyone else getting half of a Power User Page?

Yes @Oggyboy same on my page too!


Same here, I’m guessing they are trying to address the £ / $ issue…that or just general updates before the next revamping of the community :slight_smile:

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