Power user sample gone?

Hello, I noticed that there are no power user sample since one month, someone knows why?

Hi @JohnWatson, this has been mentioned a couple of times recently, email invites are now sent to power users to offer samples. The following threads explains more including a response from @AnkerOfficial


Have you received an email invite yet?

Okay thanks :slight_smile::beers:

No, for this reason I was asking what happened to the power user program

Not so far, last item I received were the SoundBud Life just before the website and power users revamp. Maybe I might someday :sob:


from what I have noticed is that Anker will email you regarding samples…I recently received an email for UBS-C to USB-A cables, worst case scenario you can send a message to Anker Marketing and see if the Power User program has changed.

In the Power User’s FAQ you can see thatiIt may take longer than four months before receiving the invitation mail :neutral_face:

Hi @JohnWatson, If you want to test our products, please contact marketing@anker.com, my colleague will glad to help you!:grin:


Hello Anker! Thanks for the reply :grin: now I know I have to send an email :sunglasses:
Thanks :kissing_heart:

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Question. I got an email to join the end of July. The email stated that if we have not received any product test invitation emails six month after joining to email your team. Just out of curiosity, how ofter are invite emails sent out to test a product and does it normally take 6 months or greater before we get an opportunity to test something? Thanks in advance for the help! :smiley:


Since the programme has changed i have had 2 invites one in august and the other invite just on tuesday
this is what it says at the bottom of the email i hope this helpe you

We have a lot of Power Users but only a limited number of free samples. In order to distribute the samples more evenly, we will send invitation emails with a list of available samples to select groups of Power Users in rotation, Power Users can then claim one of the available samples to test. Every Power User will have the chance to test our products. If you have not received any product test invitation emails for 6 consecutive months, please directly email marketing@anker.com with the subject line “Power User - Product Waiting List Request” to be placed on the test waiting list.


Two invites in two months is awesome :smile:
The quote you can find also in the Power User page :slight_smile:


Yeah i was quite suprised too thought maybe a couple of months before i heard anything

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We will send free samples to PU members every months, any further question you want to know, please don’t hesitate to contact marketing@anker.com.:grin:


I am here to reopen this post since (in IT) there are no samples for months.

@AnkerOfficial what’s happening to the power user program?

Send marketing@anker.com a message and let them know you haven’t had any samples on your Power User page in a while. Check it daily as it could Ave had samples and it’s just that others have been quick to claim them.

They are revamping it so you can test across all their brands, but you need to apply for the other sister brands

There is no quick claim from others, simply the page is not updated for months and months.

Hmm, could be an issue on their end for you. Send marketing@anker.com a message then and inform them of what’s going on. It’s going in the weekend for them so you may or may not hear back from them until Monday
@AnkerOfficial may be able to help as well

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I sent the email. Thanks for your feedback :+1:t2: