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I posted a review to an item but my shipped status did not change to reviewed and cannot select any more products now to review. Can anyone help?

Hi Tony, We’re sorry for this problem. Please email Anker Marketing at marketing@anker.com with more details. Our Power User specialist will look into your account and fix this problem ASAP.

I already did yesterday but no response until now.

Sorry for that. What is your email address? We’ll forward it to the marketing team.

Thanks for the help.

Thank you.

Thanks. Fixed! You’ll receive an email from Anker Marketing.

Guess I wasn’t the only one not sure if it’s the update of the website or what but same thing happen to me few weeks ago. Took about 2 weeks for it to clear hopefully it’s faster for you.

Just checked mine and realised it is the same. Sent an email to marketing. Cheers for he heads up.

This happened to me in the past as well. I sent an email to marketing@anker.com. A case number will be assigned to your email. I called Anker the next day and gave them my case number. Anker’s customer service reps are awesome to deal with. They are very understanding and extremely professional. They had my issue resolved in a few minutes.

Only had this happen to me once when I gave a product four stars instead of five (which was justified in my review). Took a few emails to marketing but was eventually sorted.

I have exactly the same problem. I reviewed two products and then nothing. For my second product status still says “Shipped”. I’ve sent a few emails to Anker Marketing but haven’t received a single reply.

My review can be seen here:


9 out of 9 people have found the review helpful.

Can sometimes happen. I sent three emails before getting my first reply which was along the lines of ‘I’ve read your review but can’t understand why you gave 4 stars’. After another 4 emails of me saying the reason for 4 stars is clearly mentioned in the review it was finally marked as accepted. You could also try cc support@anker.com when you are sending the email so it raises a few more flags.

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Thank you for the advice. I’ve just sent them another email and immediately got the following response email:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email. We’re currently out of office and will be delayed in response. We will get back to you first thing after our return on Oct 8th, 2016.

Thanks for your understanding.

Warm Regards,
Anker Marketing Team"

Looks like their whole team took a vacation at the same time. Very professional!

Hi guys,

Some of our marketing specialist were on duty during the vacation. However since they were not able to reply to all emails in time, they set up such notification.

Sorry for the delay. They will get back to you guys very soon.

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I can’t click on “Get Sample” under the power user section, been that way for 4 months. Got a reply that a marketing specialist will look into it. 3rd email. No change to date.

I would try their marketing and support emails, one or both normally jump into action at that point, at least in my experience.

I did on the 3rd of Nov. Patiently waiting. Ive missed so many reviews over the past 4 months

How did you mess them up?

:grinning: fixed thanks