Power User Program (UK)

Hi All :slight_smile:

:hand_splayed: hand up if you are really missing the Power User Program. It might sound weird to some but I am really missing seeing products available for testing and the excitement I get from actually applying for a sample lol

Is this the same everywhere? Is it just the UK that has been turned off for now? Is it coming back soon?


Same here for US. Now all samples will be by email invite only. And so far no emails have been sent, to me atleast. :pensive:

Hmmmm… I’ve been seeing products on the power user page, at least until today when I logged in and the dashboard said “Sorry, no sample or deal product.” I’m in the US store. I haven’t seen any emails since my last product sample review either. I agree… I don’t like this new approach one bit :confused:

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Last I read on the forum, in one of the topic posts, it’s by invite only. I think they have several groups that they circulate for invites.

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Forgot but one of the Anker admin said power user program is through e-mail invite only now.

Looks like I just missed the boat.

I had an email overnight :nerd: #BackInTheGame

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I am in the U.S. and it says exactly the same on my page. No samples. What’s up with that??? At least bring back the week after week worth of available Iphone screen protectors, so we have something to look at instead of the words “No samples”…

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Same here… have not seen an email yet…

Look at post five in this thread, someone has reposted what Anker has mentioned regarding both UK and US power user programs, random email invitations. Not certain how many Power Users they have in total but chances are you might be lucky to get one or two invites a year…

Same here, think my last testing request/invite was 3-4 months ago…

I agree. It would certainly boost moral along with user engagement. For example, I use to log in daily, sometimes several times a day. Now, I only log in every other day or so to check for contests. Having not received any email invitations (or having seen them too late), in addition to seeing “no samples” on the screen, is discouraging; especially for long time users like myself.

You ever get your nebula?! :grin:

It did! :grin: Kids got to it first though… I didn’t even realize it came until the following day! Can’t wait to set it up. Tomorrow, when their at school I’m getting right on it!