Power User Program Page offline?

When I log in, I don’t see any of my test products. I see only this:

At Anker, listening to and applying feedback is a critical part of what we do. The criticism and praise we receive from our fans goes straight back to our product developers to deliver exciting new improvements.

To encourage this, we created the Power User programs. Joining one is just like joining a VIP club. You get free products, exclusive discounts, and other special benefits.

Test our products, lend us your perspective, help us get it right.

Why do you have the Power User Program?
What are the Program benefits?
What are the Program responsibilities?
Who is eligible to apply as a Power User?
Where should I to share my product experience?
Where should I submit my online review post link?
I’m a new Power User. How do I get started?
I have not received products to test for a long time, what should I do?
What if I am not interested in the current product selections?
Problems submitting your application? Send an email to marketing@anker.com with the heading “Submission Problem” and we’ll get back to you in at least three work days.

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