Power User Program Changes

Has Anker changes it’s power user program policy? Instead of the option to claim a sample I see that I can only claim a discount code for a product. I would have to imagine that this is to better cooperate with the Amazon review guidelines that people have been running into issues with. However, since searching the forum, I have yet to find an official statement from Anker… thoughts?

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The power user programs varies from being able to claim a sample or just a discount code. It all depends on what’s available aND what products alocated for your area. At any given time it could be a new item, old item, or just something they want more feedback on.

[quote=“AnkerOfficial, post:26, topic:56641, full:true”] I’m glad to know you guys have interests in testing our products, but we don’t have any fixed update time for free samples.

As said before, power user samples are released according to market demands, stock availability as well as product manager’s decisions. So options for each of the territories (US, UK, DE, IT etc) can be both the same and different at any given time. There is also no set schedule when items are offered to members.:grin:


According to demand?
Surely with android being ⅔ of the market, then usb-c n micro-usb would be avail more often?

Or is it really the other way round… It ain’t shifting, so let’s give out samples, and hopefully having tried will buy… As standard sampling goes!

I’ve worked retail n customer services for most of my working life. (You probably couldn’t guess it now, but now I’m not so in control as unused to be… Hence one of the reasons I no longer work!)… I’m also a hugely sceptical person

The Power User program offers discounted products as well as free samples. Nothing has changed.

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I appreciate the information so far but I’m not certain my question has been answered in its entirety… In my experience with the power user program I’ve never been offered a discounted item—they’ve always been free samples. Additionally, this difference appeared directly after I, and fellow Power Users, experienced a snag in the Amazon Reviews.

I really appreciate the opportunities that Anker has afforded me as a power user, and I enjoy being able to test and review products. I’m just simply trying to find out if my experience is: unique, part of a new program, or business as usual.


Business as usual
Power user page states:
“You get free products, exclusive discounts, and other special benefits.
Test our products, lend us your perspective, help us get it right.”
@AnkerOfficial can help ease your mind


While a majority of the offerings have been for free samples, discount codes have also been given through the Power User program on occasion over the past few years. Depending on your region, you may not have seen very many. However, this is a normal part of the Power User program.


I’ve been a power user for a few weeks and I have seen both types offers. The registration page says that it offers both free sample, discounted items, and other perks.

Unfortunatly everything that has been offered I either already own/reviewed or can not use.


Yeah, some times it will show a discount code and other times there will be a free sample. Just have to make sure you are active and you will see everything that they have to offer. Good luck!

Thanks for everyone’s concerns. We are discussing the next step of Power User program and will have a good solution to better cooperate with the Amazon review guidelines as well as our customer’s demand.


Awesome! Thanks for the info!