Power user products and Amazon's new review policy

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My apologies if I’m being redundant, but I can’t seem to find the answer to my question elsewhere.

With Amazon’s new review policy, when I claim a power user product, what is required of me before I can claim another?

Hi Bleaum,
I was wondering same thing and found this in emails when claiming a power user item: (hope it helps)

"We would like to inform you of some changes to our Power User Program:

Regarding Amazon’s new rules

We comply with Amazon regulations against incentivized reviews. We do not require you to write a product review on Amazon, and whether or not you decide to do so will have no impact on your eligibility for product samples.

To prevent Amazon from blocking your account, or prohibiting you from writing reviews in the future, please don’t includes words like “free product in exchange for review” if you choose to write an Amazon review.

How to share your experience

For the sample you are testing or will receive to test in the future, we expect you to post your product experience online. Whether it’s a social media post, YouTube review, forum contribution, or a detailed side by side comparison, we hope that sharing your experience will help other customers make more informed decisions and enhance Anker’s visibility.

Tell us about your experience

Please be aware that submitting your review link on the Anker Power User page is unnecessary. Instead, when your review is finished, please email your review link to marketing@anker.com, and we’ll update your status accordingly. We are currently in the process of upgrading our page and you will be able to submit your review link on our website soon.

Experienced a problem with your sample product?

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our products, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. We are always excited to work with our customers toward improving our products.

Thanks for your understanding and support!"

There is another topic:

The new restrictions don’t seem to apply to Amazon UK as of yet. I would imagine it’s something being actively looked at though.

Wonderful! Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Yesterday, I have received this notice. and now I understand why Amazon in my last review has been deleted and blocked to do it again. It is a shame because by Amazon has been an unnecessary measure

Basically you are still expected to post or review somewhere online, but Amazon is not a requirement. As noted, the new emails when selecting a Power User review product will give further instructions.



Not sure if this will speed things up in allowing me to get the PowerCore Mini I asked for… I’ve deemed the review as “good”, yet I’ve never used or purchased any of Anker products before…

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I guess Power Users program is no longer used. It would be nice to get a confirmation that it is now officially closed from Anker on this though…

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Hi everyone, thanks for your great concern for our Power User Program. We have suspended this program for some time and we are planning the next step for the program now. Please be assured that we will update on our community as to how the Power User Program will go forward. Thanks for your understanding!

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