Power User Problems?

Is it just me or are others not getting the option for new Power User discounts?

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A few of us have been mentioning this for a while, as it’s been months since anything was there.

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Items become available to sample and test as they see fit. Demographic also plays a role in what items of any are available for users to test out.

Given that these are free products they are offering up for people to test and review, and the abundance of users in the program it’s no surprise that most have only seen flash deals to get discounts. They can’t always have products up for everyone to test all the time, but they generally can offer discount codes.


Well trodden ground over the past 12 months…as @elmo41683 has mentioned demographic and stock comes into play…only a certain amount of stock is feasible to be allocated as sample stock and this is decided depending on location where they are trying to push new products (or where uptake has not been as expected)…discounts seem to being pushed more to allow for a cheaper purchase, while not biting into profits…

Everyone knows it’s free stuff and there are limits to it (yea even me). Some of us, are not only not getting (or haven’t had any) chances for free stuff for months, but neither have discounted items been available … I’m trying my hardest to be able to get a decent lead (due to MY circumstances) but unless highly reduced or free, can’t afford it.

Let’s put it this way, our average daily food budget is less than £5 a day for both of us. However, neither of us like cheap processed food, plus it makes you ill in the end.

They (@ankerofficial) made it seem so easy n frequent when they asked if I wanted to join. Which is why some of us, seem let down and question it, when it doesn’t happen.

I am not talking about the Freebies. I mean the discount codes. Yea they have contests, but not everyone wins them, the codes can be used by any power user.

I understand and appreciate a lot your interests in Power User Program. We will only release samples/codes (both samples and codes are limited) according to market demands, stock availability as well as product managers’ decisions. Please check the Power User page for any information of available samples and codes. If you have any other problems regarding Power User, feel free to shoot marketing@anker.com an email.


Thanks for that! @AnkerOfficial I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me! lol

I would love to be a tester of any products either here or elsewhere but based on the qualification for the power user, where you needed to have an on line presence (like 50,000 fb followers, or 2000 youtube followers) which I do not have. I had not applied for a power user due to these reasons. I figured they are wanting the Youtubers, and other types so that they will be able to get their products reviews out there to the masses.

I enjoy electronics, all of them. I do enjoy my job where I am a Business Analysis where I test mostly software but have tested some products that my company wanted to use. So if Anker wants anybody with these qualification but lacks the online presence, please let me know. I do not care if I get free products or codes for a while and be honored that I would be selected.

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Yeah maybe it is the market things are not in demand right now.

Maybe it’s catch 22

Not enough in Europe/up know of Anker, so not buying.

Due.to not enough to buyers, power users, who spread the word, can’t spread the word, as they have no.products to talk about in their social circle.

To.increase sales, you need to increase awareness. To increase awareness, you need people using n talking about the products.!

No to be a #Anker power user just go here https://www.anker.com/poweruser?country=us and fill out the info. You are thinking of an Influencer and Yes for that you have to have a large Social media following and apply here https://www.anker.com/influencers and emails for both are #Anker Power User marketing@anker.com #Anker Influencer influencer@anker.com. I hope that helps! @AnkerOfficial should be able to help as well!