Power user problem

I have a.problem… oh, not that one!

I clicked on the link to get a code for the wireless charger, now it won’t show the normal ‘power user’ page.

Also, how long does it take to get accepted on the FULL P.U. program?


A while… I’ve been waiting for the whole program over a month. Don’t worry it will happen when they are ready.

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About same here.

Interesting, did you contact Anker?

Did you get the code? If so then it should show the product that you got the code for and is awaiting your product review. As you are only allowed to test/review 1 item at a time and this includes those you get at a discount

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As @elmo41683 mentioned, claiming a discount code will enforce the 1-item-at-a-time rule, so that product will be the only item shown on the Power User page. Once your review is completed, the page will return to normal.

Hi @amangons, I think you’ve just claimed a code that you need to use to purchase a product.

“If you claimed a code, but don’t want to use it, we understand your decision. However, we’d like to remind you, that unused flash deal codes as well as late submissions may negatively impact your eligibility to receive test products in the future.”

You may contact marketing@anker.com, if you want to cancel the flash deal. We understand that people click by accident especially when they first see a flash deal in the Power User page. :blush:

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Hi @amangons , echoing what @AnkerOfficial , @TechnicallyWell and @elmo41683 have said, if you have claimed a code you would need to purchase and post a review of the item before you can see any other discounted or free power user samples. If you are not wanting the code drop an email to marketing@anker.com and request a cancellation…

I had to do the same thing yesterday as I accidentally clicked while scrolling to check a recently submitted review… :blush:

I have contacted the team.

Clicking the email address hyperlink at the bottom, it comes up with an error code.

To send an email, I had to copy/paste from one of the above comments.

That happened to me aswell

Anyone able to access power user page?

Mine isn’t loading :man_shrugging:t2:

Not been loading for the past day or so…though I had confirmation a few weeks ago that the program has been deactivated for the UK.

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Won’t load for me either. It did yesterday though

That would explain it then. I only check every now and then.