Power User no more?

HI @AnkerOfficial , its been a while there are no more Power User Program ?
i check Anker Website everyday, but there are no new Power User Program…

Hi @Lasika , this has been mentioned on several threads recently, power user samples are now by invite only;

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oh thank you so much for the information, looks like i didn’t see the announcement.
thank you so much

I was in the same situation @Lasika, but don’t worry, one day you will receive an email inviting you to test something :stuck_out_tongue:

I could review in Amazon in English and Spanish too

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Hi @ndalby, @Antoine_Turpin, @Lasika, @pedro.rodriguez98, the invitation emails may inconvenient for you to claim your samples. So we are designing new system and will consider more about improving our user’s experience. It will be available before November, so please keep an eye out for it, thank you for your understanding.

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Sounds good !

I tried to apply but I found I didn’t use social media that much. That sounds good

Sounds interesting. Will this be limited to power users as before, or extended to the community members as a whole?

Can’t overly complain myself, I’ve been lucky to nab some of the unreleased and far from cheap items in my two or so years on the power user program, including a beta test item. It’s good though to mess with new items and get to give feedback while it’s in beta stages but it would be better if more thorough feedback could be given rather than the set questions and number value version I submitted last time.

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wow can wait to see that, iphone X is coming soon, looks like many cool stuff is coming from Anker as well @AnkerOfficial

November is getting closer :slight_smile:
I only had 1 test product to test since the new system…

Hang in there, my last PU sample was in July but was asked yesterday if I would like to try another item…3-4 month cycle from the look of it…

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Check the PU program now. It is back!

There were Eufy lights on there this morning for me.

Been checking daily, the only item which is showing for me is the one I’ve confirmed via email invite…SoundBuds Curve…

I can’t wait! Fortunally november will be her soon!

yes they are…

Anker is right on time. They told us a few weeks back that everything should be back before November :slight_smile: