Power User is working?

Does power user works for any of you all?

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The Power User program is being updated. There are some details here: New Power User Programs!


It’s still working absolutely fine for me. I’m currently in the process of testing the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD battery bank.

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@Macgyver15 I’m also testing these at the moment: D
Only my powermeter is not made for usb c and with an adapter, the full speed is not displayed.

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It’s a bit of a beast! I feel drunk with all the power inside it :wink::wink:

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My biggest power bank was already sufficient with 15000mAh, now you can survive with this more than a week without power outlet :muscle:
And i Just need an usb c to c cable to Charge my Phone. I only need one PD charger, my strongest charger has only 24 watts :smiley:

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I’m going on a little over a week so far with my 20k powercore. I use it to charge 2 phones and 2 pairs of bluetooth headphones. Just checked and I’m still at hAlf a charge


Thanks for your replies, I asked because it’s been around 2-3 weeks that samples are not showing in my power user tab. Hope i can see any samples soon.

It charged my iPhone 7 from dead in just over 2 hours which is pretty impressive considering how long it would take the stock Apple charger to get the job done

You asked about this in the past here Calling at all Power Users, our new sample page has arrived!
And everyone gave you an answer there, so did you really need to create a new thread so you can ask again?

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Yes, first of all it’s a different question, and second the info in the power user page changed in the last few days so I wanted to make sure it was working fine for others as well.