Power User Exclusive Deals


Just had this email through. Some good deals, check your inbox if you are a power user and act fast. Purchase and claim your free product (via the survey).

Get code and purchase by 10th March, complete survey by 12th March

EDIT - Link to Survey


Shame there is not a buy and PD1 and get a usb c to lightning cable free :smiley:

Not good for me, not a PowerUser. Thanks for posting so other PU’s are aware :unamused:

@Oggyboy you have to write a review…for the code


Well @pauldey it doesn’t mention that in the email at all.

Very disappointing really.

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Is everyone a power user or what?

So now that the Power User topic came up… What is going on with the program? I wanted to be part of the club but my “Application is under review”! Been like that since day 1 when I joined! I know they are changing the program but I also would like to be included in those secret society communications!!!

Sorry for the question guys, but how do I become a power user?


Lol I wanna be part of this secret group

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Me too! Is there some kind of initiation? A beat down to be part of the club? So secretive…

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Maybe they hit you with some Powerline cables or something haha

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The club!

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Nice deals, thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

Thought it was weird myself that nothing was mentioned in the email that essentially ‘PU review’ rules would need to be obeyed…which I kinda thought they would but mentioning would certainly prevent confusion…

Would have been tempted had I already not jumped on the 7-in-1 hub before :slight_smile:


@ndalby Great review of the 7-n-1. I have been holding back on purchasing a hub because I haven’t found the answer I’m looking for. Basically I would like to know if this will work with the new USB-C iPad? Well just the HDMI port really. Would you happen to know this? By the way, this music in the background really adds something positive to your review.

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Thanks @dicejedi for the feedback…

As for whether is can be used with the iPad Pro 2018 (USB-C) from what I have read from others on Amazon, the iPad does not support it…hopefully @AnkerOfficial can have the supported devices updated on Amazon listings to state iPad’s are currently not supported…

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I’d like to be a power user. I have to be accepted I guess…

Mines been under review forever!!! Plz accept it already I love ANKER hehe

Anker is currently not reviewing power user submissions. They are taking a break for a few months while they “upgrade the inner system”.

They should start accepting them soon.