Power User Exclusive Deal (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

This is a power user exclusive deal so YMMV. I received the email with option to get the coupon code.
Cannot share the coupon since this is linked to your own poweruser account. May be useful to some…
Please do not ask me to share my codes :slight_smile: check your email


I’m not a power user sadly. For some reason anker isn’t reviewing the applications right now…

Yesterday they approved me within 24 hours for Nebula. I had other ones from before.

I wanted to apply for the Power User thing but I don’t have a large enough following or the amount of reviews to back it up

If you have some anker products, don’t forget to review them here. Do a good quality review with something that is unique. Review should be like an interesting novel that the reader don’t leave without finishing.
That will help you strengthen your case for power user :slight_smile:


I’m confused, you sign up for different brands separately???

I submitted my power user application months ago on anker.com

When I signed up initially, I was not approved for Nebula (approved for all other sister brands). Recently, they approved for Nebula too.

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Oh cool. What exactly do you get for being a power user? Coupons and beta tests?

Earlier there used to be free samples (first come first grab type) and also coupon style discounts. Conditions were that you have to review the product or you don’t get more. Now those free samples are gone.
Beta tests were more targeted. Anker contacts you if they need you as beta tester.


Oh cool. I would like to beta test products :sunglasses:. I guess I have to get accepted first :grin:

Same here, despite being in the UK :slight_smile:

Us in UK are itching for anything to test n review or pure heaven of a beta test.

It seems like we poor cousins o er the pond are not in favour of Anker when it comes to beta or any testing.

How can we push the Anker brand if we have nothing to push?

A few times @AnkerOfficial promises something will be released here first… Then next thing it appears USA only… GGGRRR :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I need to become a power user :sob:

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great deals for power user!!! :heart_eyes:

Great deals, I want it but can’t :frowning:

Most of us new members are not PU’s so not useful. And few of us like me own only few (a couple may be ) products. So not too many reviews done here. So very less chances to get selected for BETA or PU.

What products do you own?