Power User Deals

Seeing some deals / discount codes on Power User section, there will be reviews required for these PU sections

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I get the want to share these with others, but personally I wouldn’t. These offers usually are regional and not everyone gets them, possibly opening up a worm hole about why some get offers and others do not. So imo we shouldn’t be posting about the power user page deals.
@ndalby what do you think?


@tank Yes I do agree, posting PU page deals is a bit messy, as they are often limited in number, often randomly assigned to users based on your preferences selected at time of sign up and as you’ve said can differ on region.

@Shenoy I think it would be best to keep posted deals confined to those which are more widespread, such as on Amazon or advertised by Anker directly on social media platforms…


Thanks guys, point noted!

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