Power User code claimed, Product unavailable

@AnkerOfficial what can I do?

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Might want to edit your ZIP out of the picture there Chris…

First time I’ve seen that cable, looks cool!

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Seconding what @Noel_Taylor has mentioned you might want to drop your zip code out of the picture.

As for the code redeem, you could wait until it’s back in stock, drop marketing@anker.com an email so Rosa can either cancel the code or give an alternative solution to the stock issue…most likely just a temp thing and the codes do have a 6wk lifespan I believe…


did someone ever get a free sample?

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Depends if you live in USA or Canada, then yes.

If European, then not so much!

Many have gotten free samples, but they tend to go really fast so you have to be quick and lucky to snag it

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I sent the e-mail already thanks, it’s a cable I’ve seen several times of coursw when I go for it it’s gone and not coming back. will move zip

Still there fella! on the right side - crop your pic a bit…

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Chris, when items are our of stock ut shows what you see. It doesn’t mean it’s not coming back, it’s just out of stock at the moment and when more becomes available it will be there.

I believe I was told it wasn’t but…

TY. I swear if it’s still there I’m leaving it. I don’t care if you know I live in Philly. Lol

Not sure who told you it wasn’t coming back I to stock, it’s a new product and they wouldn’t discontinue it that fast.

As far as the one you posted, go for it if that’s what you want. That cable isn’t for me as it’s too many wires to deal with

Wow. Anker’s version. The one I posted above doesn’t allow multiple device charging. Aka you can use one either micro, C or lightening at a time. This one you can use them all! That’s nuts. Can’t wait for it. I can carry around way less cables. But I’d still rather Anker’s, quality you know?

I could swear one of their reps said it was being discontinued and a new version was coming out that WOULD support multiple device charging.