Power Up Your Nintendo Switch With Anker's All-New PD PowerCores!

Introducing PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition:

Anker is releasing two new PowerCores with Power Delivery, optimized specifically for Nintendo Switch. This lineup is certified by Nintendo themselves, so you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues… Let’s take a closer look!

Kicking things off is the PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition ($69.99).

This variant features two ports:

  • 1 USB-A PowerIQ 1.0 port capable of outputting 5V @ 1.5A (7.5W) and
  • 1 USB-C Power Delivery port capable of outputting 5V @ 3A, 9V @ 2.5A, and 15V @ 1.5A (22.5W). Total power is 30W.

This model incorporates a power wheel with 8 LEDs just like Anker’s PowerCore II series. The back hosts the Nintendo Switch logo.

You can expect about 1.7 Nintendo Switch charges from this little guy, which should extend your playtime up to 9 hours!

In terms of size and weight, PowerCore 13400 PD measures in at 3.8" * 3.1" * 0.9" (97 * 80 * 22 mm) and 9.2oz (260 g). Compared to the original PowerCore 13000, this new model is about 8% heavier.

Now, let’s move onto it’s bigger brother.

PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition ($89.99) is distinctly different.

First and foremost, the design is much more like the original PowerCore series with a 4 LED power indicator array, and the Anker and Nintendo Switch logos are both on the front. They are also black instead of white, and on the side, there is a line separating the two ports.

In terms of power, there are a couple key differentiators here, as well!

The larger variant still features two ports, but with interestingly different specs. There is:

  • 1 USB-A PowerIQ 1.0 port capable of outputting 5V @ 2A (10W) and
  • 1 USB-C Power Delivery port capable of outputting 5V @ 3A, 9V @ 2.6A, and 15V @ 1.6A (24W). Total power is 34W.

As far as dimensions go, PowerCore 20100 PD clocks in at 6.6" * 2.4" * 0.9" (168 * 62 * 22 mm) and 12.7oz (360 g), which is hardly heavier (only about 1%) than the original PowerCore 20100!

This bad boy will fully charge your Nintendo Switch 2.5 times, and extend playtime by up to 15 hours!

I also noticed that these come with a carry pouch - as well as a cable (90 cm) and tie - that still feature the old Anker logo. :laughing: :confused: Come on, Anker! That being said, I really don’t mind the looks of the bags! :sunglasses:

Of course, both sizes feature PD inputs, as well, allowing for super-fast recharging!

Both models are available to preorder in the US via the product listings (linked above) right now, and start shipping July 10. A second preorder batch will ship around August 15.

Amazon Links:

Both are currently unavailable, but the information and pictures are all up-to-date!

Who will be picking up one of these special Nintendo Switch Edition PowerCores? Of course, they can charge other devices, as well. It is really nice to see Anker finally offer a smaller and lighter PD PowerCore, but personally, I am still waiting for a 10000 mAh version with a 30W PD output + a 19.5W PowerIQ 2.0 port and a 20000 mAh version with a 45W PD output + a 19.5W PowerIQ 2.0 port.

But again, let us know all of your thoughts on Anker’s latest PowerCore models by leaving a reply!


Interesting, I figured they would have opted for power IQ 2.0. Would have been nice if it had that feature too, but alas I would be grateful just to have the PD on the smaller pack as it is. But knowing myself, I would probably opt for the larger if the two since I currently use and carry the powercore+ 20100 Usb-C pack


Nice find @joshuad11 :ok_hand:


Great info find, Josh! :thumbsup:

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Nice! Perfect for Switch fans.

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Glad to see these new PD Power Banks and that Anker has partnered with a company like Nintendo.

I’ll wait for the (10k 30W PIQ2.0) version for my own personal use but I have a few family members with the Nintendo switch and I’ll be picking up a few of the ones above for them.

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Sounds like you have an awesome plan to me, and I also think it’s cool they have partnered with Nintendo!

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Nice! Great to see this new partnership.

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PSA: If the links weren’t working for you previously, please try again now… Sorry about that! :slight_smile:

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Before you fixed them, I removed the s from https and was able to access the links that way by pasting into the address bar. Since the s is still in the https in the “after you fixed it” version, I have no idea what the problem initially was. Regardless, the links work correctly now. :thumbsup:


This is amazing! A great partnership!

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After converting from yen to USD, we can see that the PowerCore 13400 may cost about $63.48 and the PowerCore 20100 may cost about $90.76. However, the difference is that these prices include tax in Japan. :slight_smile: What do you guys think?

That seems steep.

Is there something I am missing about this product? Is it just a Powercore with PD?

Given the cost of the current PD packs, these prices seem on the steep side. Partnership or not, it’s too high…but of course prices over sea tends to be higher than here

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I fully agree.

They look nice and good to see them branded for Switch. Nice touch but they should of been made with a way of clipping them to the device. Even if they cave with some separate clips that would clip to the back and house either PowerCore. That would make them a great upgrade.

Please consider making some bracket
Potentially a b & d design could also make a stand with the 20100 sitting at the bottom of the back of the switch.

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I’ve thought about getting the switch. What’s some of people favorite games on this console?


PowerCore 13400 - $69.99
PowerCore 20100 - $89.99

Both devices can be preordered in the US now via the links above, and will begin shipping on July 10.


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Really curious how ya’ll got the Nintendo licencing as that is awesome and pretty rare for a third party retailer.

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