Power Tool Batteries

I recently purchased a DeWALT drill and impact set and the most expensive part of the purchase is definitely the batteries. They run upwards of a hundred dollars for a single high amp hour pack, it’s crazy. They probably make more money on the batteries than the tool itself. That got me wondering, I saw a few aftermarket battery packs for the DeWALT and other tool brands for SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than what DeWALT offers. Anker should probably make tool batteries too, I think that would be a hit! Tool batteries have to be pretty reliable and most people wouldn’t trust the aftermarket brands that are out there currently (I know, I don’t). The cool thing about these tool companies is that they use a standard pack for all their tools, so that should make it a worthwhile market to go into.

I have often thought about this as well as I work in construction and use cordless tools on a daily basis and the dealer msrp on batteries is gross. I

I run 5 cordless tools and have 6 batteries on the go daily and this is just me alone.

Trouble is the batteries last about 6-8 years and are the strongest part of the kit, I have 3 batteries that are 10 years old and still work great but I have gone through 3 chargers and several tools.

If you compare the price of the batteries by themselves which for my favorite brand lets assume $100 for one 3Ah OEM battery on sale and you look at your favorite tool dealer, I find that they will sell a drill with two batteries, a charger, a case and sometimes throw in a 3rd battery for free: they will sell the kit for approx $250. (Canadian dollars) I have to go with the complete kit for sure or I will end up buying a “tool only” for another $100. It would be pretty hard to make and sell batteries for less than $80. Now if you are a handyman then for sure buying a battery because it ran flat and died from not using it. You would be the target market as you will probably never wear the tool out. Just my opinion.

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I guess what I want is higher capacity batteries at a much cheaper cost. I need run-time out of one battery rather than the same amount of run-time out of two batteries. The idea for me is to keep as little extra stuff out of my tool box, I’d rather have a 5.0AH battery than two or three 2.0AH batteries. Also helps reduce the amount of chargers needed, if I had two 5.0AH packs then I would only really need one charger, but if I had multiple 2.0AH I’d probably need a dual battery charger at the very least, taking up more space, etc. etc.

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