Power Surge on laptop usb ports when i am trying to charge anker speaker?

So why is it happening?2 of the ports having power surge one is not showing this issue the laptop is new so dont know why this would happen cant laptop usb ports charge the speaker?

Which speaker model exactly?

Product code, not product name.

Motion+ what is the issue?usb hub ports dont cause issue but why cant i directly connect it to laptop port?the speaker still charges fine just weird error of power surge from window…

Motion+ is USB-C


So I can think of two possible reasons:

  • the speaker has an undocumented feature of it gives power out (despite manual says it doesn’t) so your laptop is seeing a power input above what it expects. USB PD bidirectional in other Anker products like Powercore happens if you pressed the power button before connecting, so ensure the Motion+ is off before connecting?
  • the speaker is capable of ingest at 5V 2A and your laptop objects to as high as 2A, may be only happy with 1A output.

But you have your answer, charge off a charger not laptop.

So u think my laptop 2 ports are only supporting 1A?weird usb and external ssd both works fine on both ports i think they dont take alot of energy?

I’m guessing so you’ll have to wait for someone else with more knowledge. If Anker made it have 5V 2A they did it for a reason, like faster charging when nearer empty. It is quite a powerful speaker (30W) so not surprised its size and power needs exceeds some laptop tolerance.

I’d simply say if your laptop doesn’t like it then… don’t do it.


weird thing is if i connect usb hub and then anker motion+ to it then it does not give that error.

Probably related to USB-C, when connected directly its seen different than when via hub.

I own the Motion+ , I don’t play it loud but I have noticed it needs feeding with charge more often than other smaller speakers like I had a Soundcore 2 and a Boost (gifted them away)

does not happen in another laptop i tried weird its of dell too lol well maybe u are right boost does not have this issue.

Yes connecting it to laptop usb port works better directly without a usb hub not noise or distortions especially when its not charging and connected via anker aux cable that came in the box with the motion+ it works perfectly so try that.