POWER STRIP PD 2 MINI Refresh - Power PD w/PPS 60w (or 100w) x1, USB A QC 4.0 24w (or QC 3.0) x1 or 2 + 120v x 2 GaN

Other companies are already on board and making power Strips with integrated QC 3.0 and Power PD 45w

Would be nice if the Power strip 2 PD mini was refreshed with modern features.

Braided No kink cord would be nice too.

Time is ripe… Anker is already planning and has something planned. They have a survey going on asking more about power strips and features…

So we will get to see some updates soon hopefully!

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Link to the survey?

This is the link to Post on Anker Community here:

This is the actual link to the survey:

Since it is related to the power strips, enhancements and new features and safety items may be discussed on it.

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I think it’s about bloody time, they sold power strips outside of USA.

The slow boat from China stops here too, just make sure it has more than usual. If.you want.your.products to sell, and Anker (et all) to grow outside of the United States of paranoia, then turn places need people to talk about it outside of USA.

Europe combine is the same as USA.

110 or 220, it’s just a resistor n fuse. The cable is the same, just the pins are different. Many many many other competitors can do it from their Shenzhen factory!


Such a power strip by Anker would be a beast!

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Honestly, at this point in the game. If they don’t, I WILL> Board design isn’t magic. With a little know how, these are easily made. Could even make it an open source project and get lots of input on hardware and board design from the community. That way people are able to check each others work and ultimately end up with a superior product.

You really gonna take a crack at it?

Solid Works Electrical for the win? :man_shrugging::pirate_flag::smirk::thinking::wink:

Let’s see what the next month brings for Anker. I can always fire up my 3d printer and make cases on the fly for prototyping. The sparkfun and adafruit people are really knowledgeable and I’m sure wouldn’t mind lending some knowledge.

Anything I produce is always is dark. Dark cases or smoked transparent. I don’t ever do whites or light colors like Anker does.

Tons of small batch PCB printing firms around too.

If you end up making something happen, update this thread :+1:

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