Power port Atom PD1

For the past few weeks my IPad Pro won’t recognize this charger. What’s happened? Is it my iPad or the charger?

Look at:

  • try different cable
  • debris in the charging port(s).
  • take the Powerport out of wall socket and leave it alone for a few minutes and try again, if the cable has an issue like a short then the Powerport will turn itself off to protect itself and the device.

Once you’re sure it’s not the cable, nor issue with the port, then email support@anker.com with serial number, proof of purchase, and fault and what you’ve attempted to do to remedy.

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Suggestions by @professor are a good place to start, I would also suggest trying a hard reset (force power off) which has been known to resolve iPhone charging issues in the past.

You can try to isolate the problem if you have another device (e.g. phone) and another cable. Also check the tablet port, it sometimes accumulates dirt and can stop working.

Thanks for all the responses. It appears that it needs to be directly plugged into a socket and not into an electrical strip. Never noticed this problem before, but when I plug it in directly there’s no problem.

That suggests you had a problem with the strip.