Power Port 5 with usb c - Can it charge 12" MacBook with HooToo

I am looking at buying one of these and on amazon it says in the notes it will not work with a multimedia adapter and it has to be directly plugged into the computer. I am wondering why this might be if it is the same specs as an apple 29W charger which I use with no problems. I also am having a hard time believing that it could be true since Anker does not mention anything about this on the product page and no one on the reviews on this site mentions it. Just wondering if anyone out there is running a 12" MacBook with this charger and using an adapter for a monitor…Thanks!!

Your subject says Powerport 5, not Powerport+ 5.

The Powerport 5 has USB-C port is 5V 3A so that’s 15W not 29W.

I think you’re looking more for PD version which say “30W output”

I think you’re referring to the fact that the Powerport is not a USB hub, in that devices plugged into cannot see each other, there is no data path, it is just electricity.

The Powerport+ 5 USB-C PD has 60W, so the 30W to the USB-C leaves 30W remaining so just manage the total demand, it is only math you need to do of AmpsxVolts = Watts and do that math. 4 ports sharing 30W is 7.5W / port so 1.5A (5V) average each remaining.