Power port 2 max watts

Just opened my anker power port 2. My watt meter says it is charging my LG G4 at 3.9 to 7 watts. My old charger did 4.4watts. 3.9 watts at the moment which is slower than my old one at 4.4 watts.

I’ve tried both usb ports. Am I doing something wrong or should I start a return with Amazon now?

Same cable?

If so then it appears to be a dud and as you say initiate your support claim

So the PowerPort is charging up to 7 watts (about 1.4 amps, assuming 5 volts), where your original charger maxed out at 4.4 watts (about 0.9 amps)? It’s normal for your phone to draw more power when you’re battery is low, then gradually consumer less power the closer it gets to full.

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Thank you for letting us know your concern.

Kindly be advised that your LG G4 is a Quick Charge 2.0 device and we would suggest you use a Quick Charge charger to optimize charging speed. You may refer to our PowerPort Speed 2 and the link is below. According to our test, the PowerPort 2 charger can fully charge your LG G4 after 2 hours 16 mins.


Hope that helps and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other inquiry.:grin:

Thank you all for comments. I’ve decided to keep it. It works well enough. I was just expecting 2 or more amps all the time. 1 To 1.5 is still better than 0.9 and the price is good.