Power pack with wireless charging

So my wife has a Samsung phone with wireless charging capabilities and I know with the new iPhone coming out it too will have wireless charging. So my thinking is that it would be great to have a back up battery pack that included wireless charging. I know it wouldn’t charge as fast and to some seem pointless, but being able to forgo carrying wires and just take the pack would be great. No more forgotten cables or wondering if you have the right cable for the right device…this is provided your devices have wireless charging.

What do you guys and girls think? Would this be a product you could see yourself using?
I know if I was camping or away from power for an extended time I could just place my phone in the charging pad overnight or whatever and it would be fully charged when needed.

I did a quick search to see if something like this existed and I did find 1, but I still would rather trust Anker for their support and customer service.
Here is the one I found: Fast Charging Wireless Charger Power Bank, MOPO 12000mAh Portable power bank Charger Qi Wireless Charging Pad for For iPhone ,Samsung And More with 2 USB Outputs (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WVD2XFW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_Zb-QzbN7PFWF3

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I have one of those Mopos and to say the least Im not very impressed with it. First of all it is advertised as being able to wirelessly charge an iPhone or iPad which clearly Apple has not engineered as of yet. Second this thing has about 10,231 MAH of capacity (tested with meter) so 12,000 MAH Is misleading. Wireless charging does work rather good I have to say though but it does make the battery pack as well as the phone you are charging rather hot. For the price I say go for it and wait for Anker to potentially make a version of their own in the meantime, afterall my house is still standing and I’m not suffering from 3rd degree burns from an explosion . :grin:


I love wireless charging, the act of just placing the phone on a surface when not using, rather than plug in a cable, is convenient.

The problem with wireless portable chargers is that electromagnetic radiation waves are less efficient than a cable. Most of the energy of wireless charging is lost, much greater losses than a cable. So then the problem is that portable charger is then in effect less useful, you’d need double the size for the same recharge capacity.