Power On/Off

Please help. I cannot Turn On the speaker. The button keeps blinking.

Do you feel that certain “click” when touching the knob?
Form the photo its a motion +.

Please be aware in the future that Anker makes hundreds of products and we cannot know which one you refer to unless you detailed explicit on the product.

It looks a little like my Soundcore Motion+ but the front pattern a little different so not sure.

I’d say ensure it is charged, which if my guess is correct would be USB-C charged, does the dim red light over the power button turn white and so show it is charging and then charged?

A gentle press for a second then release turns mine on. My guess with the blinking is you’re not charged, battery flat, so charge it. If you (guessing is the Motion+) don’t see the red light turn white then try different cable and then try different charger.

Charging, looks red to my eyes, picture makes it look orange.