Power Issue with 7-in-1 USB C Adapter - only 40w of 60w are passed to my laptop

I’ve paired the Anker 60w PIQ 3.0 GaN charger with the 7-in-1 USB C hub. The hub is supposed to support 100W PD, but it only delivers 40w to my laptop. If I plug in the charger directly, everything is fine, but my laptop won’t charge. I tried separate 60w and 100w chargers with the same result.

How do I fix this?

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Sounds more like a compatibility issue with your laptop, what make/model is it?

Can you just confirm what you are meaning for this? Does the laptop just show a power source connection with no charging or does the charger work correctly if connected directly to your laptop using the Anker 60w?

Neil, the literature on product contains an obvious error but also the owner is not being precise, so tricky…

The Anker website makes an impossible statement.


That is impossible. You cannot have 100W come in, power the hub and peripherals and still have 100W out.

The Amazon site is less incorrect, it doesn’t make this statement but a different statement.


This is more believable, it is stating the hub takes 20W. The implication is 20W just for the hub with nothing connected, and may drop if you connect items, but the drop would be device specific obviously. This matches the thread, 60W in, 40W out (60 - 20), so possibly the buyer did not read the Amazon listing fully where it clearly states 20W is consumed?

What if we take the latter, less incorrect statement, for the owner 60W charger is coming into hub but never more than 40W coming out which matches the statement. The laptop, if it is not working on 40W, probably may be of the type which will only accept 45W and therefore is the problem. So 60W charger may not work, but 100W charger should probably work. but then I see 100W doesn’t work?

I agree also the lack of precision in the words here don’t help. Logically if the laptop needs 45W then connecting a 100W charger into the hub will leave 80W max (less if peripherals) but still work as 80W > 45W. So I can see a 60W charger into hub (60 - 20 = 40 < 45) won’t power a 45W laptop but a 100W charger into hub (100 - 20 = 80 > 45) will power a 45W laptop.

So we need to know precisely what “works”.

At a minimum we have an owner who didn’t read the Amazon listing before purchase. It says 20W taken by hub so yes 60W in gives 40W out predictable, but 100W into hub should work.

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Surely it would have been easier & quicker to ask the OP to clarify a bit more first before that :wink: :laughing:

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Also better if Anker make clearer product literature :nerd_face:

It is a common problem, different sites say materially different and once I read it the issue is obvious of why 60W would not work.

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Fair point, fella :ok_hand:

Apologies for the confusion. Let me clarify.

  • Regardless of the charger I use, my laptop sees no more than 40w when using the hub. It appears the 20w overhead is incorrect. (Also, why does the charger use 20w, when literally nothing but a charger is plugged into it?)
  • When using the Anker charger directly, my laptop sees 60w - so it’s not a laptop compatibility issue.
  • When using the 100w charger, my laptop sees 100w

The misleading (at worst) and overstatedly unclear (at best) product titles are a trend across the Anker hubs:

  • Anker USB C Hub Adapter, PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 states 60w in title, passes only 48w
  • Anker USB C Hub for MacBook, PowerExpand Direct 7-in-2 USB C Adapter states 100w in title, passes only 85.
    et cetera.

It would be clearer for consumers to market the hub as an 80w power delivery (with 100w charger), rather than a 100w PD hub.

Only @AnkerOfficial speak for Anker, they also have @AnkerTechnical as a more technical official account. Rest of us are just enthusiasts.

Support queries go to support@anker.com

So given you’re chatting to enthusiasts currently…

Which of the two 7-in-1 chargers do you own? The fact you don’t mention “+” implies the one which only outputs at most 48W anyway, the “+” one states 80W.

so you don’t mention “+” so that could be the explanation the hub can only output 48W and your laptop is taking 40W of 48W offered as there are only discrete levels of V and A.



Criticism of Anker is these look extremely similar product descriptions.

I don’t own these powered hub, and would never buy one because hubs introduce many problems unless you verify a precise combination of device + charger + hub. Power Delivery makes this very complex, it could well be the PD profiles the hub is presenting does include onces > 40 W but your laptop is only selecting 40W. Compatibility.

The 60W charger you mention (this one?)

Has this output

Output: 5V ⎓ 2.4A / 9V ⎓ 3A / 15V ⎓ 3A / 20V ⎓ 3A

So for example 45W comes out of 15V @3A or 20V @2.25A. Now support your laptop only takes 20V PD mode and mandated requiring 2.25A. Well then the hub offers 40W (making this up… to educate illustrations) offered 15V @ 2.7A and 20V @ 2A, well then your laptop would refuse.

This is partly where is a quasi documentation of compatibility.

The 80W one:

The 48W one:

support@anker.com is where you resolve this…

I’ll resolve this with Anker support. Thanks for the help.

Now I stare at it I think I may have figured it out (edited my prior post).

Did you buy the product code A8352 ? It is only 48W output and so would fully explain why only 40W, the laptop selected a mode nearest to 48W it supported, e.g. 20V 2A.

If you bought A8346 it is a higher Wattage version… and so much more of a mystery why 100W in gives 40W out.

There are 3 products. They give 80W from 100W, 85W from 100W and 48W from 60W. I just now spotted this too, two very similar products.