Power IQ 2.0-Charge Fast, Live More

Hi Anker fans,

Our newest groundbreaking innovation, changing the world of charging — forever.

It will be available on Amazon soon! Please keep an eye out for it!

Power Core II 10000: http://amzn.to/2wR54Qb
Power Core II 20000: http://amzn.to/2goIqrm

Before that, I believe you will love this cool video :sunglasses::


Thought I posted this, but can’t seem to find it.

You can learn more about PowerIQ 2.0 here, too!

@AnkerOfficial Will either of these two products be on the power draw soon?

We all love innovation.

So what is actually different?

You have produced products with 18W+ output for some time. These were most recently called the Speed series.

If I compare say the Speed 20000 with this newer IQ2

You see the confusion. The Speed has QC3 which is 18W.

You also appear to have managed to make the product bigger and heavier. IF you have merged electronics inside, you’d expect the opposite.

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Awesome video Anker. :slight_smile: Love the graphics. Sure made me want those power banks. Hehehe.

They have different style indicators so the only similar looking ones are the “+” and “II”, the “II” being smaller and lighter.

So my question is: Is what Anker is advertising true? Right now, the obvious answer seems to be no.
They are not smaller, thinner, lighter, or cheaper… So, what’s the point?

QC is 18W. Anker has been selling QC input and output products for years. From what I see QC output will default with a non-QC device to be 10W 5V 2A which is what IQ2 does, so I’m missing what is new or innovative here. I’m sure this just needs Anker to state more definitive, how exactly is IQ2 faster than the QC3 Speed series?

Indeed. From the limited products, I see them bigger, heavier and more expensive. The exact opposite of the public statements.

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It is not. It is faster than the PowerIQ original in select cases.

Right, IQ2 is faster than IQ. I know that, but not my point, Anker made 18W QC in the Speed series, so how is IQ2 better than Speed?

IF you look at the Speed vs the II, which from this appears superior? On the left it is in every way either same or better than on the right. e.g. the recharge on the left has more options than the right, weight is less on the left than right, dimension is less on left than right, so where is the smaller lighter of IQ2? The Speed 20000 is the same 5hr recharge of the new II 20000. Side by side this appears just a name change, not a technology change.

You then have also what you said that is is a puzzle that 20Ah recharges in 5hr but half capacity 10Ah which logically should be 2.5 hour (half of 5h) is 4hr. Is that an error?

I think we need more clarity from @AnkerOfficial of where is the improvement because its well hidden from these limited 3 products.

I think the marketing is only targeting android based device. For apple device, I can only get the best possible charge speed (which already fulfilled by IQ1). This could lead to misleading as Apple user might think they can charge faster than the old Anker powerbank.
This IQ2 is essentially has the same specification with QC2/3 but without Qualcomm chip, am I right?

Yes when you look at specifications it looks like QC3 as in Speed portable chargers and some of the Powerport+, is what is IQ2, but the words don’t say QC.


Can you clarify what is the situation with the Powercore II Slim. You said in another thread that the SLim is not IQ2.

But then you see here is shows the Slim.

So is the Slim as shipping now IQ2 or no?

BTW your links are bust at time of writing “page not found”

It didnt say QC because QC is marketing from Qualcomm, Samsung and other fastcharger also have to use different name for that as well. Some fast charge techs are not compatible with QC though.

Great video @AnkerOfficial I need a new power source as both my girls had adopted my PowerCore 20100’s lol.

Will keep an eye out for these

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2.0 huh, that’s awesome! I cant wait for future Anker chargers to have this!

nice video. I want one

Hi @nigelhealy,

Thanks for your concern for the newly released PIQ 2.0 products. Sorry for the late response. We are consulting our concerning departments for the questions you mentioned for more accurate and detailed answers. Your patience is much appreciated.

Regarding your concern about the difference between the PowerCore Speed series and the PIQ 2.0 series, please kindly be noted that the PCBA of PIQ 2.0 series are indeed lighter and smaller than the PowerCore Speed series. In this condition, for better product experience, we made some improvements on the inner structure and upgraded the indicators to the circled type, which both cost space. Thus the final size and weight of the PIQ 2.0 are almost the same as PowerCore Speed series.

Except for those improvements, the PIQ 2.0 series are released at a cheaper price after being stocked. Meanwhile, the PIQ 2.0 series have a ridged texture(except for the PowerCore Slim that was designed earlier), which offers one more option for customers who do not like the feeling of the materials of the PowerCore Speed series.

Hope we’ve made it clear. Should there be further concerns, please feel free to contact Anker via "support@anker.com" for more details.

Have a great day!

As we mentioned in the previous reply, the PIQ 2.0 series are superior in the price, indicators and inner structure, although it has the same recharging and charging speed as the PowerCore Speed series.

About the recharging time of the PowerCore II 10000, it indeed requires 4 hours, according to our test. Please kindly be noted that the recharging speed is concerned with the capacity, charging technology, as well as the connection ways of the battery cells. The PowerCore II 20000 is combined with 6 battery cells: two sets of 3-cells(the 3-cells set are combined in parallel) connected in series. While the PowerCore II 10000 has 3 cells, which are connected in parallel. Thus the recharging speed of the two items is not doubled as their capacity. It is also affected by the connection ways of the inner battery cells.

Your kind understanding is much appreciated.

Sorry for the confusion for the product Powercore II Slim 10000.

PowerCore II Slim was the first product to include PowerIQ 2.0 technology, so it was our test case. Meanwhile, we had to go through the appropriate legal processes before we announce PowerIQ 2.0 publicly.

After a few months of gathering and analyzing market data, we determined that we could use this new technology in a wide variety of our upcoming products, and we’re able to make the official announcement.

Thank you for the question again! We hope this makes things clear.