Power drive 2 review

I have received the power drive 2.
Out the box it looks good, compact and well put together.

In use it works well. The blue light to indicate it has power is big enough to indicate there is power without it disrupting your night vision like some others do.

In conclusion it looks good does a good job but my only criticism (and this may be down to my car) is that it’s quite difficult to get out of the 12v outlet.

I would definitely recommend.

I have also left a brief review on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PGT7LSR?ref=cm_sw_em_r_rw_mw_MJ4dZZ9JcZ1GA


Is there anyway you can post some photos?

Nice review, needs pictures though :thumbsup:

Nice review

Nice review, please try to include some photos on the community review ( edit and add)

Short and straight to the point :joy:

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Good job! Nice videos but pics will be better :smiley:

Brief and nice review, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

thanks for sharing