Power Drive 2 Alloy - Review

Power Drive 2 Alloy received as part of the Anker Testing scheme.

The unit arrived well packed and as usual in the Blue & White Anker packaging. There’s little to say about the device other than compared to other car usb chargers, this one has a feel of quality.

The charger fitted snugly into the 12v socket replacing a Scosche dual USB charger which sat a few mm around in the socket. The Anker version blends in with the dash and has a discreet blue LED indicator which is not too bright so does not distract.

From a charging point of view, we have two iPhone SEs and an iPhone 6Plus. The charger has no problem charging two devices at the same time, I would say they are charged far quicker than the Scosche. There is no audible hi-pitched whine which I’ve heard from some USB chargers, the unit does not interfere in any way with the radio or entertainment system in the car.

I can’t comment on whether the unit gets hot whilst charging, to be honest, it’s sits there almost unnoticed, so there’s no need to remove from its socket.

Not a lot else to say about the device really, I am very happy with the unit. Would I pay the asking price on Amazon for this? Of course, it’s from Anker. Is it value for money? It compares with similar competitor units, it’s more expensive than budget chargers, but with this you are getting high power, quick charging, dual ports and an metal chassis that will look good in.any car be it a low end budget or high-end luxury vehicle.

Thanks again to Anker for supplying me the device to test, I hope I’m allowed to keep it!


Yes, you get to keep it. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Power Drive 2 Alloy. Do you have any pictures you can share with us?


Good review :+1:

Nice review!

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Very good review, pictures would help too !

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Awesome review! I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. :slight_smile: