Power Draw This Week

Enjoy your vacation time this seek Anker - I will look forward to next week’s Power Draw, till then Happy Chinese New Year!


Is that why there is no power draw so far?

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Yep. Can’t wait for the next one! I leveled up up so I have a few more powersbucks to spend. I might wait for the auction though.


Congrats on reaching level 5. Let’s hope the auction has a nice item. I’ve been saving mine for when something good is auctioned

Can you let me know what the auction is? Sounds like I need to save points for this!

There are times when @AnkerOfficial decides to host auction of a new (or probably not so new) products. They are like the “We love testing” threads but instead you basically fight for products through PowerBucks. They held one a little while back but that’s the only one I’ve seen since I joined here.

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Thanks I just did a lookup and see I need to save more powerbucks as Soundcore Liberty Lite went for 680 PowerBucks!

I actually haven’t entered in one yet. But basically, anker let’s you bid your powerbucks on an item up for auction.

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I just saw the auction when it happened and didn’t bid because I was still new and didn’t have powerbucks. I have been saving since :joy:

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I bet the popular products go for a crazy amount of power bucks :cry:

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Sorry chaps no PowerDraw this week due to @AnkerOfficial and the team being off due to Chinese New Year…

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