Power Draw - Retraction?

Is there a way to pull out of a power draw?

I entered the Eufy Smart Speaker draw rather excitedly before realising it was US only.
I won a US-Only draw previously and obviously didn’t get anything so I’d rather not let the same thing happen again…

That’s definitely a function the Power Draw could use!

But I don’t know if it’s possible. Maybe on admin level.

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As far as I am aware the PowerDraw is a ‘read before entering, no refunds given’ thing…as essentially it’s not costing you anything physically except time to re-accumulate the bucks through posting.

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial can confirm?


I would contact Anker and see if it’s possible. But of course, do it as soon as you realize and not just before the drawing.

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If possible (if you win) see if it can be sent to a US side address of someone on here and have it sent over to you. Not sure if it is worth the shipping depending on where you are at, but just a thought.

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You could also ask, provided if you win, that they can send you something else that is available for your area. If I recall, they have done this for another member here in the past


You have won in the past ISTR, in Preston.

Send a message to @Ankerofficial and they will make you will make you whole. The problem I see is this is Saturday, after the winner selected.

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I did the same.
But as it is just fun, I don’t mind to loose some “bucks”.
That’s life: Sometimes you loose, but sometimes you win.

Enjoy the sunday! :grin: