Power draw (No Entries Remaining)

I guess I picked the wrong item to enter. Wow, @AnkerOfficial how many entries are are there before this appears?

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Isn’t that because you’ve entered the maximum amount of time?


Sure is. So far, the maximum number of enteries have been 10 every time.

It appears you have entered 10 times already and can’t enter any more times.

maximum is 10

OK, brain fart… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I thought that applied to everyone and not just me… I guess since I entered the max I cannot see how many entries there are all together. Thanks for the clarification…

This is a good product, it is worth to invest!:grin:

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Number of Entries: 130

100 are yours :slight_smile:

Nope, lol. 10 are mine and it cost me $200 bucks. I refreshed the server right after I placed my entry and it went from 20 to 30 entries received. Thanks for the update @bill_rae . My chances are now 1 in 4.333333

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