Power Delivery

I have Anker Power Delivery charger, and i use USB C tester to test the output while i am charging iPhone X
at first in indicates 5 Volt 1.8 Amp and then it latch to 9 Volt and 1.8 Ampere, it means the Power Delivery is working.
But i also have PD charger from other manufacturer, the output can reach 14 Volt, and 1.5 Ampere.
Would @AnkerOfficial answer which voltage is suitable for Power Delivery ? is it 9 Volt or 14 volt ? if 14 volt also work as Power Delivery output voltage, why Anker charger can not reach 14 volt ? only 9 volt ? is there any particular reason ?
please help to explain, i really appreciate that

Power delivery has no realistically set standard for how much power can be sent at any given times, provided they do not exceed the 100w limit. So a manufacturer can utilize any combination of amp draw and wattage to meet their own needs for a product. Currently, most phones draw less than 28w so as long as they within that set range they can be considered operationalA


Everything you need to know about USB standards can be found here - http://www.usb.org/developers/powerdelivery/

But as @elmo41683 has said, USB PD has such a wide range of what is acceptable that each manufacturer has the freedom to chose what spec they wish to provide for.


Thank you @Arwen for providing the link, I meant to post it previously but forgot to as I was at work.

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thank you so much for the explanation, so it means it is also safe to use the charger with 14 volt output ? i am little bit worried it will friend my phone because over voltage, since Anker PD charger only 9 Volt

I would use Ankers charger as it provides numerous ways to protect your phone… Anker’s MultiProtect, a leading 11-point safety system, prevents accidents and hazards associated with substandard chargers. Charge freely with heat control, overcharge protection, and more

Hi, thanks for asking the question. Kindly be advised that what @Arwen and @elmo41683 have said about the Power Delivery is right, and please be assured that Anker chargers have multiple protections and will not do harm to your battery.

Also, thanks @Arwen and @elmo41683 help answer the question. :blush: