Power Delivery coming any sooner on Portable Battery?

Hi, I am a huge fan for Ankers, I just brought the PD USB C recently, and just wondering, is Anker decided to announce Power Delivery coming any sooner on Portable Battery in the UK?


Nothing announced.

If it does come it would be post the new PowerIQ 2 “due in May” and in the larger powerbanks.

Also, have realistic expectations. USB-PD has profiles from 10W to 100W. Given Anker has products now capable of 18W now, I’d expect Anker could make the USB-PD Profile 2 18W fairly easily. The 36W more challenging but not impossible.

The PowerIQ 2 I expect will bring higher performance into smaller devices, for example the imminent Powercore II 10000 has impressive input and output for its size

Hey, I was wondering why they named the new PowerCore 20000 the PowerCore II when it doesn’t even have IQ2.0…

Yep and they colored the ports blue even though that’s meant to be when includes QC which the Powercore II 20000 doesn’t include QC.

Blue socket with QC

Not blue socket not QC

Blue socket, not QC

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Wow, that’s nice, but hopefully, that would be nice if Anker produces a portable battery which supported USB-C PD input, like the RavPower 26800mAh Portable Charger:

This portable charger can be fully charged in just 4.5 hours with any USB-C PD charger, (I have tested to charge with Anker USB-C PD 5 port charger).

I just realise there’s an Anker product Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C Port Portable Charger


But can this product charge faster with USB-C PD?

And I’m curious, there’s an Anker 20000 PD charger before, and listed on Amazon US


But did Anker recall it and removed all release?

That is very interesting! @AnkerOfficial
I’m not sure why Anker discontinued it. Seems to have initially been released last October…
Good reviews, though!

Anker when no stock look exactly the same as when discontinued.

The challenge is fast recharging without causing such heat it swells the batteries. You can see that concern in the review it’s input half it’s output and yet it still didn’t get restock. With an 18 month warranty it can wipe out Anker’s profits if its not very reliable.

You can see from its shape, the rounded sides, it must be using the Lithium Ion 18650 batteries, what I expect is viable is the move to Lithium Polymer which has a higher voltage and IQ2 which has less heat itself, will make it more viable to charge faster. Exactly what exactly when, don’t know.


Another very constructive discussion. Great job, guys!

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Yeah, saw it yesterday, too excited about it (actually shouting “Ow Finally!!” to my wife), but wondering when it releases in the UK.

In the Facebook comments it’s the lack of a UK plug USB PD charger holdup the bundle but the battery will be sold separately “soon”.

My concern is there are now a lot of 26800 similar sounding products​, one could easily end up ordering the wrong one. I think are now 6? I own the Powercore 26800 with dual 2A input. There is also the Astro, the prior Powercore with 1 2A input, the Powercore+, the USB-C, and this new PD.

The puzzle is why they released this higher Wattage in the older IQ, and using 18650 rather than polimer.

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Been thinking that myself during the recent influx of new PowerCores

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Even Anker gets confused , see here the question asked of when in the UK and the reply is pointing to the QC version.

Yeah, saw it, its reply me with the QC 3.0 type, not PD type… god…

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So even Anker’s own staff is getting easily confused by its own product set.

The good news is it gives a benefit of checking in this forum to double-check before ordering.