Power Delivery breaking the speed of sound Sale!


Some awesome deals for you guys.

The PP-c1 looks like the atom

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@Jesse_Hernandez1 I thought the exact same thing.

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Nah y’all are just mistaken, it’s still too big to be the atom, this is the Atom1

Any updates on the atom release date?

As far as I know the end of January

Ehh to bad they missed the Christmas cut off. I plan on picking up a few for friends and family. The atom would be perfect for my brother’s Nintendo switch and switch power bank.

Can’t wait…

Cracking deals to be had :muscle:t2:

Especially just before Xmas

Steps back and wonders who is going to order the wrong product due to similar sounding similar looking products…

Too many products, and I fear Anker will keep selling older models and newer models. For example the Powerport Speed PD 30, which is a 30W PD, when the Atom PD 1 which is 27W ships, will Anker pull the former?

Yeah it’s crazy confusing for others who don’t know

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Thanks for sharing, but they got to get on the atom. I thought that’s when this was going to be when I first got it.

To be honest, we can’t guarantee that it will be launch at the end of January.

At present, we are improving the product. If all aspects of the test are fine, then it will be launch very soon. Trust me, PM also wants to release the product as soon as possible. but we need to control the quality firstly.:innocent:


Much appreciated about the honesty for possibly missing the end of January. We want nothing more than for it to be a success, so if that means more QC and refinement then so be it.

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Great deals! Thanks for sharing!