Power Delivery and PowerIQ 2.0 desktop charger?

I see there is a car charger (A2229011) and a wall charger (A2321121) that support both Power Delivery and PowerIQ 2.0, but not a desktop charger. Am I missing it, or is there one in the works?

What do.you mean by…desktop charger?

As far as I was aware, it’s either a wall charger, or a usb socket (whatever version/speed you have) on a device (laptop, TV etc).

Valid question. Here is one that supports both, but not PowerIQ 2.0, only PowerIQ

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The desktop charger that @dicejedi mentions is the fastest PD charger I own.

If you want a wall charger, get the PowerPort II with Power Delivery: https://www.anker.com/products/variant/powerport-ii-with-power-delivery/A2321121

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If you look at the product list there are multiple categories of chargers. You will see “Wall Chargers” that plug directly into a wall outlet. There are “Car Chargers” that plug into 12v car power port. I am speaking of the “Desktop Chargers” category which are the models that have a long power cord and are made to sit on your desk with like 4-5 ports.

Yes, I have seen that model. I was wanting to know if Anker was working on an updated model that has IQ2 ports instead of the older IQ. Since they have that combo of PD and IQ2 on car and wall chargers, I am wondering why they don’t have that on desktop chargers.

I was specifically looking for a desktop charger that supported both PD and IQ2, similar the the car and wall chargers they already sell (like the one you linked).

Ah ok.

Cool… Cos I’ve not scrolled down to that bit, I hadn’t noticed, and tbh didn’t know there was a difference.