Power Core Speed 20000 PD

I have recently bought an Anker Power Core Speed 20000 PD powerbank to charge my iPad Pro and other devices. But it wont charge itself with anything and any cable I have. I managed to charge it with my iPad charger but it was a very long journey. Yesterday I bought an Anker PowerPort Speed 5 wall charger… Today I wanted to give it a try and left my Power Core powerbank to charge via PD usb-C port over night. At start it had 75% capacity (3rd led was blinking)… and after 6 hours it didn’t charge - 3rd led still blinks and no progress at all. I’m using fast charge cable USB-A (connected to Anker wall charger blue usb port) to USB-C plugged into Power Core USB-C PD port.

Wall charger is ok, because it can charge my devices with fast charge. Also I once managed to recharge my powerbank and it can charge my ipad and other devices with no problem.

Not your fault, it is complicated.

The PD in the Powercore means you need to feed it PD. That needs a USB C to USB-C cable to a USB-C port offering PD of at least 18W.

USB-A to USB-C cable is not a USB-C to USB-C cable.

“Fast charge” just means more than 5V 1A.

You need to get a PD port on PD charger. Probably an IQ3 port which is similar to PD will work.

Did you buy this


If so then, as you never mentioned anything needing QC, then that’s the totally wrong charger for your needs. If you wanted 4 ports and to charge this PD and say an iPad at the same time then this would be ideal. Newer Ipads charge faster on 9V 2A PD.

Or if that’s hard to source, then a PD version of what you bought yesterday would be


There’s a huge choice, if not sure then ask.

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Your iPad is charging because it’s got a mode which is not PD, older iPads only charged 5V 2.4A newer ones at higher voltage.

So you need to tune into 3 things, the charging protocol, and the Voltage, and then the Watts. Ignore Watts and never mention fast charge as that’s none of protocol, Volts. When an Apple product says fast charge it usually just means it’s getting more than 5V 1A.

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Thank you for your reply it really clarified me a lot of details I didn’t even thought of. All of this turned out to be quite complicated for me :frowning:

:point_up_2: Yes, this is the charger I bought, It works well for all my devices but not the PowerCore Powerbank. iPad Pro (2019) is also charging well. It’s not so fast but it works. I just wanted to charge fast my PowerCore Powerbank.
So now I understand why USB A to USB C cable didn’t work.
Do you think this charger will be capable of charging my Anker Powerbank?
It’s quite similar to the one you linked on amazon… but a little bit cheaper at my local store

Thank you for your reply. I’m just lost in all of this terminology. I just wanted to be able to charge my iPad at home and keep it plugged at work without carrying charger with me. So I wanted to keep original charger at home, and have bigger one at my work. Also I like to take my iPad and draw outside, that is why I decided to go with Anker PD powercore powerbank - but it turned out that the only charger capable of delivering some ‘fuel’ to my powerbank is the original apple charger (but it’s really slow)

That one you can get at the local store will charge your PD as fast as possible, but it’s not the perfect choice.

I think the 20000 PD comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable so you’d buy this charger, use the 20000 PD bundled cable to charge the 20000 PD and should see about 8-10 hours to recharge.

Your other devices would still use USB A ports. Note that if your iPad is newer variety, it will recharge faster using a USB C to Lightning cable you probably do not own. Moving up to that cable in a USB-C port would elevate you to 18W recharge and faster ipad recharge. If you bought this charger then you’d plug in the 20000 PD into the one USB-C port and your iPad in the USB-A port. When you’re not recharging the 20000 PD then you’d use a cable you have to buy to connect USB-C to Lightning for faster iPAd charging.

If that’s acceptable…

A better match would be this


As it can concurrently charge both 20000 PD and ipad at their fastest 18W at the same time.


  • this charger will recharge either the 20000 PD or the iPad at their fastest charge, you have to prioritise, decide which needs the faster recharge and swap around.
  • this charge will recharge both at the same time at fastest charge
  • if you want iPad to recharge faster you have to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable. Examples. And use it in the USB-C port. If the dual port C charger then concurrent with the 20000 PD, if the single C port charger then decide your priority for speed.

So there are 3 levels of charging likely going on

  • 5V 1A, if there is no overlapping higher charging many ports default to this. 5W
  • 5V 2.4A, if not USB-C and not the above, then this is the next most likely. 12W, so 2.4x faster then the 5W
  • 9V 2A, USB-C required. As this is 18W, it is 1.5x faster than 12W and 3.6x faster than 5W.

I’m not sure what the QC3 ports was giving out, could be 5W or 10W. Because you’ve not mentioned anything needing QC3 then replace product and you’ll be much better. It is a little evil of Anker to keep selling these very old chargers and for shops to stock them, only a few older phones would like this charger, most won’t.