Power Core Slim 10000 PD

What does it mean when it says to press the button twice? As far as I can tell all it does is turn one led green.

That activates trickle-charge mode for low-powered devices, such as earbuds… Hope this helps!

Double pressing the button initiates Trickle-Charging Mode, Switches powerbank into a low-power mode to charge Bluetooth devices like wireless earphones, without risk of overcharging. This is indicated by the green light.

Dont double press if you dont need trickle charging ( needed for devices needing lower power charging)

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It turns on trickle mode. It’s supposed to charge your other devices more efficiently

Lol we all answered at the same time

Just beat ya to the punch, @Shenoy, @ikari04warrior! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Finally, I’ve found out, should have come here instead of youtube first. I thought it was turning the bank on or off, but my phone seemed to charge whether I pressed it or not so I’ve been perplexed for a while today as to what it did. Manual was pretty useless.