Power Core shuting off

After only a few seconds after being connected to my Phone 7 it begins to charge then 30-345 seconds later turns off and the charge indicator light on my iPhone goes off. The Power Core is fully charged and successfully charges other devices.

Any idea what may be the problem ?



Is it because your iPhone’s battery is now fully charged? Perhaps, check if there is lint in your phone’s port.

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Hi, two questions;

  • Is the iPhone charging correctly via a mains socket?
  • does the lightning cable you are using work fine on another device and/or do you have access to another cable to test to rule out a cable fault?

It is sometimes also worth giving your iPhone a restart, to make sure iOS is detecting connected devices correctly.

Thanks for the reply Nhi!

It’s not since it is definitely NOT fully charged. I performed some careful cleaning of the port on the bottom of my iPhone and it seems to be working better now

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Thanks for trying to help!

Yes, it charges properly using standard issue charging sockets. The cable is the one that came with my PowerCore and it did, before, continually charge my iPhone. I also tried restarting my iPhone but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

It now appears to be fixed after I carefully cleaned the charging port on the bottom of my iPhone. Thank you !!

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That makes a big difference.

All that back pocket lint crap is not good for fones.

Here you can get a can of air at the pound shop (£1) or dollar store (I’d have thought).

A quick squirt/blast of air a few times a year helps maintain a good charging time.