Power core lite 20000 mAh 1st and 3rd lights on

Hello everyone this is my first post here

So I bought this anker portable battery about 6 months ago and now nothing is charging. When I hold down on the button the 1st and 3rd lights show but only when I hold the buttons. I have tried charging it but it isn’t helping.

Thanks for any help

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Seems like there is some problem with the LEDs. Please try the following troubleshooting is helpful or not:

  • Plug both ends of the micro USB cable into the input and output port of the battery at the same time for 3-5 seconds.
  • Fully recharge and use up the battery again to see if everything works properly.
  • Try a different wall charger and cable.

If the problem remains, please reach us at support@anker.com to start a warranty claim for a replacement.