Power core fusion 5000

Hi just curios
but does the fusion 5000 stand the test of time and what’s your guys opinion on the 10000
do you think its bad that they only put two ports on it
say what you think below


I think it’s ok for people who doesn’t have or need a lot of devices charged

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I don’t think that the Fusion 10000 (I call it the Fusion 10k) was a very smart move by Anker. Instead of adding new, more advanced technology (PIQ 2.0, Power Delivery, etc.) to their update on a popular product, it seems to me that they almost removed certain features. For example, take the USB-C port on the Fusion 10k.

The Powercore Fusion 10k initially seems like a great idea, with 15W of output via the type-c port, but further inspection reveals a lack of Power Delivery (to charge devices more quickly) and that the PowerCore itself cannot be charged by the now almost-standard, extremely common USB C.

I am not sure if the majority of people would pay attention to small details (like a higher capacity), and most people would likely buy the more familiar, well-renowned Fusion 5000.

On the other hand, don’t get the idea that I don’t like this product. Compared to the Fusion 5000, the 10k adds more functionality present in other products, like the circular 10-LED button, the trickle-charge mode, and a massive increase in capacity. I feel that it is a significant “next step” in the Fusion line, and I look forward to seeing how Anker can improve upon the Fusion lineup in the future.



Yes. Its awesome. I use mine all the time. Here is my review:

Lots of other people agree. This is one of Ankers best.