Power core conversion

Just purchased Power Core 10400 mobile charger in the U.S. Planning to go to Europe next week. Can I plug the charger into the wall, or must I first plug a converter so that I do not “burn out” the mobile charger? Recently purchased a different brand and AFTER ONE USE IT WAS KAPUT.

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You can plug the Power core in to the mains using any euro charger at all, if you don’t have a euro charger then any adapter will work like this:

depending on which countries you visit, that is for UK above.
Not sure why your other brand went caput but it happens.
I have been taking my PowerCore Fusion from US>UK several years now and it still works just fine

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Hey @ephremhecht
Yes, as @neildutta mentions.
You can pick up the adaptors quite easily in most chemist and supermarkets, well at least here in the UK anyway.
Happy travels.